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North Texas Giving Day Opens 9/1/21

Twelve Hills Nature Center’s major 2021 fundraiser will be held through North Texas Giving Day, September 23, 6AM until midnight!
Please join our North Texas Giving Day matching donors:
Methodist Medical Center, Coombs Creek Conservancy,
Kessler Travel-Leonard & Irene Ellis, Kathi Allman, David Washburn, Scott Chase & Debra Witter, P-Tree Garden Concepts, LLC, Square Foot, Inc.
And help us reach our $4250 matching gift.
Your contributions will make our major fundraiser a resounding success! More importantly, your gift helps us care for this neighborhood gem and provides beautiful Blackland Prairie for peaceful walks, nature education and a home for wildlife and native prairie plants,
Early giving starts September 1.
Online donations may be made at
We still do not know one-thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us

The New South Entrance is Open!

Jason and Matt of Kessler Woods

Photo by Christina Childress Photography

Jason Lenox and Matthew Taylor live in Kessler Woods and are extremely happy to have the Twelve Hills Nature Center as their neighbor. So happy in fact, that in 2019, they decided to turn their philanthropic eyes towards Twelve Hills and make a sizable donation to the organization with the understanding that this money be used toward capital improvements. They both wanted to be able to see the impact of their donation.

As Jason puts it, “Twelve Hills provides a unique moment in our neighborhood that is relatively unavailable to city dwellers. An amazing Blackland Prairie that is rough, native and quiet with birds, foxes and a wholesome way to spend some time.”

The idea of improving the entrance located at the southwest edge of the center is in Twelve Hills’ master plan, and this was the perfect opportunity. Jason and Matt’s donation, in conjunction with part of a grant received from the Hoblitzelle Foundation, would be used to greatly enhance the Nature Center and its accessibility to all neighbors for years to come.  Local landscape architect, Christa McCall donated her design services to the project and the result is a planting of native grasses that create a simple, natural entrance that works with the topography. The grasses are punctuated with select prairie wildflowers and a few native boulders.

Jason and Matt are extremely pleased with the finished product. The design reflects the modern homes in Kessler Woods and blends nicely into the surrounding natural landscape of Twelve Hills. Jason also noted that more and more neighbors are using the entrance. Their hope is for others to be encouraged to consider gifts to Twelve Hills as well for additional programs and improvements.

Twelve Hills board is extremely grateful to Jason and Matt, Christa McCall and the Hoblitzelle Foundation for their support.

Matt and Jason of Kessler Woods

Photo by Christina Childress Photography