Spring & Summer Scavenger Hunts

Instructions for Scavenger Hunts

General Information

  • There is a scavenger hunt for preK through 2nd grade that has 9 images.
  • There is a scavenger hunt for 3rd through 5th grades that has 24 images on two pages.
  • Choose the SH pages appropriate for your students.
  • There is a set of fun facts for teacher use.
  • There is a shortened set of fun facts, also, that may be appropriate to print on the reverse sides of the SH for the older students.

Scavenger Hunts as Coloring Pages

  • The scavenger hunts are composed of black and white line drawings.
  • They can be used as coloring pages.
  • The colored scavenger hunt pages can be used to tell students how to accurately color the images.
  • Alternatively, the colored scavenger hunt pages can be used as is.
  • Then visit Twelve Hills and hunt for the nature items.
  • Questions – send to twelvehillsnaturecenter@gmail.com.

Seasonal Changes

Milkweed flowers bloom from late April through mid-May. They produce a 2 to 4 inch long horn shaped pod. One end of the pod is pointed. The pod widens to 1 to 1.5 inches wide at the opposite end. Pods are present starting in mid-May.

Bluebonnets bloom from mid-April through early May. Seed pods can then be found. They look like pea pods. They are about 2 inches long, flat and pointed at each end.

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Antelope-horns, Spider Milkweed, Green-flowered Milkweed, Spider Antelope-horns (Asclepias asperula) bluebonnet flower found at Twelve Hills Nature Center