What Lives in These Boxes?

(All Seasons | Grades 2-8) • Map Stop 2 • Find bird boxes along the long trail that is on the side of Twelve Hills away from the school and soccer field

Bird House Stop 2 WalkStem MathFinders

Carolina Chickadee
length 4.75 in.
wingspan 7.5 in.
weight 0.37 oz

Carolina Chickadee

Eastern Bluebird
length 7 in.
wingspan 13 in.
weight 1.1 oz

Eastern Bluebird


length 9.25 in.
wingspan 16 in.
weight 2.2 oz

Red-bellied Woodpecker on a branch

Wood Duck
length 18.5 in.
wingspan 29.9 in.
weight 1.3 lbs

Barred Owl
length 20.9 in.
wingspan 42 in.
weight 1.6 lbs

Can a barred owl fit in this nest box