COVID-19 Response – Get Up and Go Outside

By March 26, 2020News

A Note from Twelve Hills Nature Center

During this time of “social distancing” we know that it’s challenging and scary, and that people are working to stay safe and healthy. As a community nature center, we wanted to update everyone regarding our response to COVID 19 and plans for Twelve Hills for the foreseeable future. Our team has been actively monitoring the recommended protocols and have determined a plan of action for the Twelve Hills. We are still open from dawn to dusk daily but are opting to postpone or cancel all group activities until further announced. All preschool walks, Nature Leader walks, foraging, etc. will be suspended, however, we will be sharing as many of our teaching resources online as we have available.

Get Up and Go Outside

Social Distancing at Twelve Hills Nature Center

Here are some tips to enjoy the park

With all the terrible news about sickness and economic uncertainty, stress is sure to creep in. But exposure to nature can help combat anxiety and many more ailments due to stress, depression, and sedentary living.

” Research in a growing scientific field called ecotherapy has shown a strong connection between time spent in nature and reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.”
– Harvard Health Publishing

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Thank you for your interest in Twelve Hills Nature Center, and we hope you’ll make good use of the trails during our national crisis and going forward. We hope to have plenty of activities and events later in the year. Please check our website for more updates and self-guided hiking information, and follow us on social media for more pictures of plants and animals!


The Twelve Hills Board of Directors